Special Event Dates

February 13th, Monday hunters safety class begins- still has availability

April 15th, Saturday tentative last day of pheasant hunting

June 9-11th “Wern 200” Sporting Clays Championship

June 1st Saturday early membership renewal deadline

July 29th Annual Great Cancer Shootout

August 19th  Saturday WI Waterfowl Association State Shoot

September 23rd Saturday WILEORC Fundraiser

September 29th Friday MACC Fund Sporting Clays for a Cure Fundraiser

NSCA Registered Shoot Dates (All Saturdays)

January 21st February 4th March 4th April 8th May 6th July 1stSeptember 9th October 7th December 2nd

Tower Shoots (All Sundays)

January 15th February 19th April 9th

The holiday season has come and gone and it is now time to plan for the busy year ahead. Please see the list above and mark your calendars for all of the special events to come! We started our year out with a bang hosting the annual Fox River Church Sportsmen’s Ministry Pheasant Hunt. It was bitter cold but the guys toughed it out and ended up having a great weekend planting almost 500 pheasants from Friday through Sunday. A special THANK YOU! goes out to all the participants and organizers of the event. The Club looks forward to hosting more events for Sportsmen’s Ministry in the future.

The hunting fields are in very good condition right now with a few icy spots.  Don’t forget to bring along your creepers. Melting snow has made for some slippery spots but also opened up some great cover. The sorghum cover right now is the best it has been in years. Hunting the sorghum strips is always a great way to pick up extra birds! In February and March we will have some special Bobwhite Quail hunts and will have some extra birds to offer to members. Give us a call if you’re interested in a Quail hunt in the coming months!

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