As a added bonus to your membership the club has purchased a ice shack that is available for members to use. The shack is built on a trailer and is very easy to move. Members can use the shack on the property at no cost with a reservation. Give us a call and set us a time that works for you. We have provided a heater in the shack, bring your own 1 pound disposable cylinders and bait. Inside the shack you will find jig poles, jigs, auger, skimmer, and chairs that members are welcome to use. The shack is currently on Central Lake where you can catch bluegills and crappie as fast as you can bait your hook. You will have to sort through a lot panfish to find edible ones but its a lot of fun and we are working on improving the size structure. You can also catch Largemouth Bass and Northern Pike in the 2-3 pound range on tip-ups. Take advantage of this added bonus to your membership and give us a call with any questions.

Wern Valley

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