The 14th Annual Great Cancer Shootout took place last month, bringing to mind one simple word, awesome! As usual for the Cancer Shoot the weather was perfect and the shooters showed up by the truck load. Local support ensured the clubhouse was full of great prizes and the auctions were supported by very generous spenders. The club anticipated the growth of the event and decided to add a third sporting clays course to accommodate the crowds. Shooters enjoyed the new pink course and it drastically decreased the wait times on all the courses allowing for more rounds to be shot. The final number of shooters for the event was 1135 up from 940 last year. The Club is grateful to the community for helping us grow the event and support cancer research. We anticipate continued growth in years to come. The perfect day soon tuned into the perfect evening with a live performance from 4 On the Floor, followed by spectacular fireworks. Wern Valley would like to extend a heartfelt and sincere thank you to all the supporters and sponsors of the event. Your time and support does not go unnoticed as we work together towards our end goal of defeating cancer. Events like these have increased the amount of cancer survivors exponentially in the past decade alone. Projections show that we are on the right track and in the decades to come we can live our lives without the fear of this horrible disease.

This is what it’s all about, folks. Here is a picture that was taken of people who are either battling cancer, have survived cancer, or are representing someone they loved who was lost to cancer. It was an awesome day. The weather could not have been better and the turn out was the best yet!  It could not have gone better and thanks to all who participated.

Many thanks to Jeff Bartolotta and Wolverine Fireworks. Also thanks to Deb Raschella, Randy Brown, the Hatco Corp. and sales team, The Rich Johnson family, the Kleven family, Peter Papageorge, Safari Club, Justine Klug, Robert and Bonnie Schaefer, Steve Spoke, the Whiteley Family, and Wern Valley staff and volunteers. I apologize if I have forgotten anyone. Your hard work and selflessness in giving back to fight a disease that affects us all in one form or another is greatly appreciated!

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