August has almost past, the crisp air and refreshing fragrance of our beloved fall is on our minds. Growing conditions could not have been better this year and if you have been in any of the hunting fields you know we have some truly unbelievable cover out there. The tremendously wet spring was a blessing and a curse. Not only did it make field work beyond challenging, preventing us from planting any corn, but also gave us the opportunity to plant sorghum in place of the corn. The thick sorghum strips and unbelievable switchgrass crop this year should make for outstanding hunting cover all season long.

The cover isn’t the only great crop we produced this summer, the pheasants raised here on the farm are also doing fantastic. Raising our own birds is one way Wern Valley separates itself from other clubs and continues the property’s long farming tradition. In producing our own birds we can regulate their density in the pens and provide them with the best nutrition possible so our members are hunting the most beautiful and healthy birds available. Those birds are ready to go and members are invited to get out and do some dog training. Training hens are available to members for a price of $10.00/hen, give us a call and we will have the birds waiting for in front of the clubhouse when you get here. Members can train and shoot these birds on the property, so please wear blaze orange if you are out in the fields.

Training fields are reserved on a first come first serve basis, with the cover being so dense right now we recommend you train in some of the mowed areas around central pond. Another place you may want to try is the low cover in the Pugh field.

As anticipation for hunting season grows we invite you to start making your hunting reservations on September 1st, hunting will begin on October 1st. As in the past Wern Valley will allow non-member trial hunts from October 1st- November 30th. If you have ever considered joining the club please take this opportunity to see what we have to offer. If you would like to try hunting but don’t have a bird dog, a guide service is available for an additional fee of $85.00 +tip for a half-day hunt.

Summer league is coming to a close, with the league banquet scheduled for Wednesday, August 30th. We will have great food, a Flurry, raffles, and lots of fun. Thank you to all the teams that participated this season for helping us continue the great comradery that summer league offers. Don’t forget we will be giving away the Zoli Kronos at the banquet as well! Registration for fall league has begun, the first night of shooting will be Wednesday, September 6th. We will have a hunt-and-cover league on the five stand along with sporting clays on the course. The leagues will run 8 weeks with the fall banquet scheduled for Wednesday November 1st.

Last but not least, Wern Valley would like to invite everyone to join us for the Hunter’s Eve Bash hosted by the Wisconsin Waterfowl Association. The event will cost $30.00 and includes free beer, hot/cold appetizers, and lots of raffle prizes. Get out and celebrate the season we have all been waiting for with a night of fun games and lots and lots of hunting stories.

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