Congratulations to All of Wern Valley’s Shooters Who Shot Excellently at the WSCA State Championship!

We Are Getting Ready to Host the Event Next Year at Wern Valley, Stay Tuned for Updates.

Jay Dallmann- Super Sporting Class a 2nd Place
John Dennert- 20 Ga Event- Runner Up
Brian Eggener- Prelim Event- Class a Champion
Mike Fryatt- .410 Event- Class a Champion, High Over All Subgauge Class a Champion
Vince Hellman- 20 Ga Event- Class B 2nd Place
Steve Knoll- High Over All Subgauge- Runner Up, Main Event Super Vet Champion
Ken Kutcher- Main Event Class B Champion
Mason Madson- 20 Ga Event- Class E 2nd Place & Sub Jr Champion
Chris Poquette- 5-stand Class D 2nd Place & Prelim Class D 2nd Place
Josh Sallmann- .410 Event Overall Champion, Super Sporting Class Aa 2nd Place
Dave Slama- 28 Ga Event- Class D 2nd Place
Mike Tank- Super Sporting Class D 3rd Place
Ben Wacker- Main Event Class B 3rd Place, 28 Ga Junior Champion, 28 Ga Class B Champion, High Over All Subgauge Class B Champion
Phil Wacker- 28 Ga Event- Class Aa 2nd Place, .410 Event- Class Aa 2nd Place

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